ARGO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.r.l. is a consulting company specialized in providing services and solutions for the development of e-commerce strategies, online marketing and digital security. ARGO uses the most advanced data analysis technologies, assisting its customers in the strategies of promotion and valorization of their assets in the web, in order to improve the performance of their business and to defend them from any possible online threats. ARGO also has a range of services designed for the citizen, such as the analysis of reputation on the web and on social networks and the protection of the right to be forgotten on the Internet.


In the business world, it is increasingly important and strategic to better govern digital technologies (web, search engines, social media, e-commerce). For firms is essential to be present online and to actively take care of their image on the Internet.

ARGO offers to your business different solutions, tailor-made, allowing you to seize the best opportunities for your companies on Internet and at the same time helping you to identify and proactively deal with any potential threat.

The activities carried out by ARGO range from market analysis to the reputation analysis of your brand in Internet, from the start-up of e-shops on companies websites and online platforms, up to the promotion and marketing activities on search engines and social media.

We are able to extract and analyze any public data or information available on the Internet.

We can process information in all European languages; thanks to our multilingual team we can analyze and interpret information written in Chinese, Russian and Japanese.


One of the most complex challenges for companies in the recent years is the monitoring and protection of their online reputation. A continuously evolving web environment forces companies to act on a regular basis to defend their assets from the online threats.

At the same time, in a data-driven economy, every business handles an ever-increasing amount of data, which must be managed and protected with the utmost care and diligence.

The services provided by Argo are aimed at companies in order to solve issues related to privacy, intellectual property and online piracy.

Regarding privacy, Argo supports both companies and professionals to be ready for the entry into force on 25th May 2018 of the new European regulation (GDPR). The aim of Argo consultancy is to provide its customers with indications and solutions to ensure the compliance with the new rules, avoiding possible sanctions imposed by the Data Protection Authority.

Anti-piracy and brand support activities are aimed at identifying threats to the customers intellectual property assets and reputation on websites, social media and e-commerce platforms. Argo supports clients in the identification of the authors of the infringements and provides solutions to the issues detected online.

Internetby Numbers

In 2017 nearly 48% of the people was connected to internet. This values has increased from 45,9% recorded at the end of 2016. The most connected people are the European citizens (79.6%). In absolute terms, China has the highest number of connected inhabitants (700 million citizens active online). [The State of Broadband 2017, Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, September 2017]

The spread of smartphones has increased the share of internet traffic that flows through mobile phones from 6.1% in 2011 to more than 50% in 2018. Each user spends on average 2 hours per day using the smartphone, consuming an average of 2.9 GB of internet traffic per month. [We are Social, Digital in 2018]

The figure is 13% up compared to January 2017. In absolute terms, this is an increase of 362 million users in just one year. [We are Social, Digital in 2018]

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E-CommerceBy Numbers

The best-selling products on e-marketplaces are clothing (USD 408 billion), followed by electronic goods (USD 359 billion), toys and DIY articles (USD 341 billion) and furniture (USD 225 billion). [We are Social, Digital in 2018]

Compared to average retail sales growth of around 6% per year globally, e-commerce has forecast annual growth rates of +20% up to 2020 (almost doubling the volume of transactions within this date) [emarketer, Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales Will Reach $1.915 Trillion This Year, 2017]

It is expected that in 2021 people making online purchases will be 2.14 billion. [statista, Number of digital buyers worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billions)]